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Our company adopts the main controller architecture of ARM+FPGA+DDR2 in the hardware design of the core circuit of the copier, replacing the foreign specialized SOC chip, to achieve independent and controllable information security of the copier equipment. Our company has undertaken the Key R&D Program of Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology - New Generation Electronic Information Technology Innovation Special Project: Research on Key Technologies of Autonomous Controllable Copier Core Circuit, which has been successfully developed and passed the expert acceptance of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

The company's OPC drum and toner have achieved significant results through technological breakthroughs. Through continuous research and development, we have successfully developed color toner for printers and composite machines, with uniform particles and excellent performance, which has been recognized by the market.

The company's products have passed the inspection of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and have also been adapted to domestic CPU and operating system manufacturers such as Longxin, Feiteng, Qilin, and Tongxin, obtaining relevant certificates.


Product positioning: Information technology

1. Xinchuang catalog model, type A3 black and white multifunctional printer;

2. Provide three years of after-sales service;

3. The processor is dual core 800MHz with 2GB of memory;

4. Support basic universal system platforms such as Feiteng+Qilin, Longxin+Qilin, Zhaoxin+Qilin, Kunpeng+Qilin, Zhaoxin+Tongxin, Kunpeng+Tongxin, and Zhaoxin+Tongxin.


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