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Smart city

Smart city is integrated with new generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and geographic information systems. It is a new concept and new model to promote city planning, construction, management and intelligent service .

The value of a smart city

1. Taking "good governance, industrial development, benefiting the people" as the construction purpose

Good governance:

1. Achieve leadership science decisions
2. Improve city management abitity
3. Promote government public services

Industrial development:
1. The leapfrog development of advantageous industries
2. Upgrade and transformation of traditional industries
3. Rapid pull of new industries

Benefiting the people:
1. Convenient service with people first
2. Quality is the focus of living
3. People is the focus of intelligent experience

2.The core concept of "big data achieve intelligence"

If the city wants intelligence, it must have a "brain" that can produce intelligence. The “brain” of the city is the integration of massive, disparate, and complex data through the use of big data technology.
Make these data a hub of resources, value, and intelligence, then build a city “big data intelligence center (central institution)”.This is the core of smart city construction.

3. Using “general integration to help build” as an innovative model

“General integration” needs to be upgraded to a new ecosystem service environment. In addition to leading companies, it will also introduce financial institutions, research institutions, product manufacturers, network integrators and so on. We will build a “smart city construction ecosphere”, integrate multi-party advantages, provide customers with the solutions they care most about, and promote the construction of smart cities together.

4. Supported by the "three-span integrated big data platform"

Forming a system with data resources; driving the effect with data value; and realizing value with data intelligence.

Construction case

Gansu Dunhuang Smart Industry Platform, Integrated System Platform, Public Support and Service Platform

Guizhou Anshun Xixiu Smart Community, Smart Education, Smart Medical, Smart Environmental Protection, Smart Travel, Smart City Management, Smart Transportation, Smart Water

Guizhou Province Industry Monitoring Platform

Hebei Yongnian Smart City

Anhui Dingyuan Smart City

Sichuan Luzhou Smart City

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