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The DreamHG desktop computer is an integrated autonomous and controllable desktop computer based on the Longxin 3A5000 processor. It is designed using the Loongson 3A5000+7A1000 solution and consists of a chassis, switch power supply, motherboard, solid-state drive, independent graphics card, and DC fan. When paired with a Tongxin desktop operating system, it can meet daily office needs and is suitable for party and government agencies, industry, national defense, finance, power, transportation, energy, etc Industries and other fields that require high levels of information security. The key components of this product are independently developed, designed, and produced, with a high localization rate and a high degree of independent controllability.

As a key component of desktop computers, the motherboard plays a crucial role in the degree of autonomy and controllability of desktop computers. Our company has independently developed and designed the desktop motherboard ML5A, using the Loongson 3A5000+7A1000 chipset, with a moderate size, can be paired with mainstream desktop and all-in-one computer cases; Memory upgrade with superior storage, read and write performance; Supports independent graphics cards with excellent graphics processing capabilities; Rich external I/O and internal expansion I/O can meet the needs of different product forms; It can be adapted to domestic operating systems such as Tongxin UOS, Kirin Software, and Longxin Fedora.


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