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Smart Campus

In today's digital era, the Ministry of Education is vigorously promoting smart campuses, and more and more schools are implementing smart campus plans aimed at providing more efficient and convenient teaching environments for students and teachers.


The district school integrated campus security management platform is an integrated environment for campus work, learning, and life based on cloud computing, Internet of Things, and big data. It uses various application service systems as carriers and managers, students, and teachers as service objects, fully integrating teaching, scientific research, management, and campus life.


Campus security: A one-stop solution to student entry and exit management, personnel attendance, dormitory management, visitor management, security patrols, safety management, safety education, and other issues. It can achieve visual management of data for civil defense, physical defense, technical defense, and safety education.

Office OA: The digitization of offline processes improves office efficiency, deposits data assets, makes it easier to save, and promotes paperless office.

Academic management: including intelligent course selection, intelligent course scheduling, student enrollment management, and score management.

Logistics management: including asset and consumable management, visitor management, accommodation management, operation and maintenance warranty, etc.

Teacher growth: including personnel information, growth records, teacher process evaluation, evaluation questionnaires, teacher data profiling, etc.

Student growth: including attendance management, growth records, student evaluations, student profiles, etc.

Home school interaction: including home school interconnection, education and learning, growth dynamics, campus information, accommodation safety, attendance management, etc.

Value of the plan

The Smart Campus Platform is a smart campus ecosystem built on advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet of Things. Combining with the current situation of education informatization in China, it provides one-stop services for basic data, teaching, academic affairs, moral education, office work, and general affairs of schools, helping schools to reengineer and optimize their own business processes through information technology, and effectively solve the difficulties and pain points in school business.

Successful cooperation cases

Construction of the Basic Platform for Ping'an Smart School of Beijing Fengtai Fifth Primary School

Beijing Xicheng Sanlihe Third Primary School Smart Canteen Renovation Project

Putian Second Experimental Primary School Comprehensive Smart Safety Management Project

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