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Hg-ot-216 T Electro Optical Front End
  • Product Brief

    Hg-ot-216 t-type photoelectric front end is a high-precision t-type turntable integrating advanced optical, mechanical and electrical technologies. It is composed of azimuth servo system, pitching servo system, video processing module and external interface.Both sides of the turntable can be equipped with visible light with long focal length, refrigeration/unrefrigeration infrared and other systems, which can achieve remote real-time image acquisition and monitoring of the ground, sea and low altitude.
    The careful structure design of the t-type photoelectric front end and the high precision shafting structure make the selection of load extremely flexible.

  • Application Area

    Border and coastal defense surveillance;Ship identification;Port quay;Airport monitoring;The commanding heights of the city;Desert surveillance;Protection of forests and nature reserves;Grassland surveillance, etc.

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