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HG-OT-889A Electro Optical Tracking Surveillance and Forensics System
  • Product Brief

    The electro optical tracking surveillance and forensics system is mainly composed of two parts: detection equipment and display control equipment. The detection equipment consists of color CCD camera, infrared thermal imager, servo system, stable platform, laser illuminator, etc. The display control equipment consists of image processing computer and equipments and interfaces of display, control, recording, input and output, etc. The detection equipment is installed on the mast or top deck of the ship, and the display control equipment is installed in the ship cabin. The system searches and observes the target through a high-performance color CCD camera or infrared camera, and uses the laser illuminator to illuminate the target to obtain the video image around the ship. After computer processing (image stitching and target extraction, etc.) to achieve the purpose of detecting, tracking, and identifying the target, and providing the ship with 24-hour perimeter video alert service.

  • Application Area

    24-hour comprehensive search, observation, surveillance (and forensics) of sea and air targets around the ship (such as ships, drowners, marine floats, aircraft, etc.).

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