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11 HG-60Z12.5 60x electric continuous zoom lens
  • Product Brief

    HG-60Z12.5 60x electric continuous zoom lens

  • Application Area

    1. 24-hour comprehensive search, observation, surveillance (and forensics) of sea and air targets around the ship (such as ships, drowners, marine floats, aircraft, etc.);
    2. Manually search, capture, and automatically track target functions;
    3. Receiving radar guidance function;
    4. Outstanding image stabilization function;
    5.Optical system power zoom, focus adjustment and other functions;
    6. Fault detection and display functions (such as servo system failure, no image video failure, etc.);
    7.Display and record the ship's geographic location and time functions;
    8. Real-time image recording function;
    9. Multiple output standard video signal function.

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